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Hello everyone,

I've been looking for an answer to my problem but, unless I'm wrong, I didn't find one here yet.

I have a wordpress blog - Vigilance theme. The free, basic one. And now that I'm getting more traffic and that I actually want to regularly post on it, I also want to make it look good. I'm sure wordpress isn't the best host and what not but it does exactly what I need to do, so far. Anyway.

I'm thinking about getting the CSS upgrade to actually be able to do what I want with the blog but I have no idea if it will actually do what I want. Maybe you will Smile

I want to do a static front page, with one picture and one link towards the blog page on it, that's it. I have found this link that explained how to do this but I tried it and it looked completely wrong. I had the static page with the picture I wanted but it looked like a post, the header was there, the top bar was there with more pages added, comments, sharing links, etc. were still there. I want all this gone BUT the picture and the link to the main blog page. Can I do this with CSS? Take out everything and just leave the picture and the link? Then, when you click on the link you just arrive on the usual blog page. I feel like I'm rambling, I'm sorry.

If you could help me out with this, I'd be very, very grateful.


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I'm afraid you provide us

I'm afraid you provide us with nothing that we can help with, there's no notion of code for us to look at to understand where you have gone wrong.

Creating this type of custom code for WP isn't a trivial matter and you do need some coding experience.

Before you make your first post it is vital that you READ THE POSTING GUIDELINES!
Please post ALL your code - both CSS & HTML - in [code] tags
Please validate and ensure you have included a full Doctype before posting.
Why validate? Read Me

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the thing is that having a

the thing is that having a wordpress style that suits you is nice.
If you wanna move more things around, you are basically trying to make sense en changing someone else his/her code.
I would suggest getting some basic css experience. maybe lynda.com ?

good luck.


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Why on earth would you want

Why on earth would you want visitors who come to read your blog be presented with an almost empty page that they then have to click on?

Google 'why splash pages are bad'

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