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Hi guys,

let us introduce to you in an uncommon way, but surely innovative ^-^. In a unique account, two friends: Luca and Luana, both from Italy, although from different regions.
We met in internet more than ten years ago. Our friendship has the same age!
Just me, Luca, I usually surf the net reading various forums and taking a look at pictures by the world, since I'm in love with photos. I'm a curious person, during these years I tried to read and study the html language and I've been able to learn the basics. Luana, she is a strange creature, with an impressive creativity, able to write magic fairy tales! She also is a curious person, with minimum skills but she wants to learn.
A few days ago we started a blog on Blogger platform. Well, we'd like to customize it a little bit. As you can easily guess, our minimum HMTL/CSS skills represent our limit!
We encountered the first issues. Because of this reason we decided to join this forum, so that we can increase and improve our knowledge and, why not, be helpful in the future to those who will encounter the same kind of problem.

See you very soon on the forum!