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Alright Let me describe my problem better.PLEASE help me.

So i found this


And i Beeen searching for a very long time on how to code a tumlbr layout.
Yes, I know about the Css page they have on the Tumblr site.
But it does NOT till you how to put

background image
Position tables
Tables Color (Posts,About me,Followings)
Text Properties

And Im confussed with it.

This is All i got with my code

		<link rel="shortcut icon" href="{Favicon}">
		<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" href="{RSS}">
<style type="text/css">
			ol.notes {
				padding: 0px;
				margin: 25px 0px;
				list-style-type: none;
				border-bottom: solid 1px #ccc;
			ol.notes li.note {
				border-top: solid 1px #ccc;
				padding: 10px;
			ol.notes li.note img.avatar {
				vertical-align: -4px;
				margin-right: 10px;
				width: 16px;
				height: 16px;
			ol.notes li.note span.action {
				font-weight: bold;
			ol.notes li.note .answer_content {
				font-weight: normal;
			ol.notes li.note blockquote {
				border-color: #eee;
				padding: 4px 10px;
				margin: 10px 0px 0px 25px;
			ol.notes li.note blockquote a {
				text-decoration: none;
			<p id="description">{Description}</p>
		<ol id="posts">
					<li class="post text">
							<h3><a href="{Permalink}">{Title}</a></h3>
					<li class="post photo">
						<img src="{PhotoURL-400}" alt="{PhotoAlt}"/>
							<div class="caption">{Caption}</div>
					<li class="post quote">
							<div class="source">{Source}</div>
					<li class="post link">
						<a href="{URL}" class="link" {Target}>{Name}</a>
							<div class="description">{Description}</div>
					<li class="post chat">
							<h3><a href="{Permalink}">{Title}</a></h3>
						<ul class="chat">
								<li class="{Alt} user_{UserNumber}">
										<span class="label">{Label}</span>
					<li class="post video">
							<div class="caption">{Caption}</div>
		<p id="footer">
				<a href="{PreviousPage}">« Previous</a>
				<a href="{NextPage}">Next »</a>
			<a href="/archive">Archive</a>

And i created A Div Layout image for The Tumblr.
it has a section for my posts. (in the middle) but its a box. so it might can only fit 3 posts at a time.
so can i limit posts?And then The About me Section./Followings.
So what do i need to add to my code i just added to help me make this theme i want. PLEASE help me with this.
And I tried to look at the theme code @


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Everyone in this forum wants to help. Your post is unclear. It is hard to understand what you are trying to accomplish. It is also hard to understand where you are starting from. The links you provided, are they the actual site you are working on?

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Nice idea.Great post.Let me try out this coding and will help u.

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