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Hey all.

I just created a site which utilizes popup images on link rollovers. Furthermore, I configured it so that all the popup images are placed in the same absolute position (they all appear directly over a div separate from the one which contains the aforementioned links).

However, while it works fine, I'm not all that happy with the results. I have decided I would really like the popup images to keep in place even after the user rolls out of the link. The problem is that I cannot conceive a method in which this would be possible ... So I'm reaching out for some ideas.

Is there any method for creating permanent popups in css which will allow images to overlap one another as the user scrolls over various links? I do not particularly care if the method uses popups ... but, for this site, I would prefer to avoid using javascript.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi a7knight, I think you will

Hi a7knight,
I think you will be best going with JavaScript for this.
It's not really possible to keep the popup in place, after the focus is lost, with css alone.