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Problem: Page SOMETIMES jumps right only in IE. I think it's when a certain picture is displayed in the header slideshow, but can't be certain. It only seems to happen on the following page:
...and also in some pages under that page - accessed by clicking the large pics.


  • I'm using Wordpress as the backend, but I don't think that has any influence.
  • It seems to often happen when I click on one of the main pictures (try "Family")

I wonder if it is something to do with a Div being too big sometimes and overflowing into the other div space.

As I can't identify where the issue is in the css, I would appreciate anyone being able to decipher the whereabouts of the issue by checking the page and finding the relevant possible css issue. Sorry I can't give more than that! I'm not sure what clearfix is, but could it be something to do with that? I have used clear:both in quite a few divs to clear floats. Not sure if it's totally Kosha to do that or not these days!
Stylesheet can be found at the following place:


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I see the problem, but

I see the problem, but nothing obvious as the cause; but then, I haven't dug into the markup.

You do have markup errors, and IE tends to have allergic reactions to errors. Using certain characters instead of escaping them can be especially egregious; e.g. < instead of &lt;, or & instead of &amp; can cause problems. Look also for elements that are disallowed in the context they're in.

Using the clear property can sometimes be necessary, but most often is indicative of a problem elsewhere. Let that slide for the time being. Get rid of all the errors first, and change the Doctype to strict.



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