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I am trying to use the @page and @bottom-center to add particular content to the bottom of every page when the web page is printed. However, I can't get the text to appear. My first question is: does this @page rule need to go inside the @media print media query or outside of it. I have tried the following CSS:

@media print {
    @page {
        @bottom-center {
            content: "Classified";

but this isn't adding anything to the printed pages. I've also tried simply adding a footer div to the bottom of my HTML and setting the content div's bottom padding to 50px within the @media print, but that doesn't appear to be doing anything either. I am using the latest Internet Explorer, IE11.0.9, in cases that matters.

Nothing seems to be working. Is this an IE problem, or am I using the wrong CSS rules to get this to work? I've never used the @media print before, so I could certainly use any help I can get.