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Hi, I have a question which is kinda hard to formulate since I’m not much of an expert.

I work as a sommelier and I’m creating a wine list through a custom-made project management software platform.
The software allows me to enter various references and change font size and style (bold, italics, etc) but not font colour. Within the software the text shows black, but on the actual wine list it’s a creamy white, so I reckon there’s an external style sheet that I don’t have access to? What I’m trying to do is leave some references white and turn others #e8adaa pink.

So, with my very basic html knowledge I managed to change font colour and now within the software my selected references are pink, but obviously on the wine list they aren’t.
Is there a way to override the external style sheet from within the software?

Including some pictures that hopefully will be helpful.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Alie, are you able to

Hi Alie, are you able to inspect the source of the outcome if it is in a browser you can access? That would be the quickest way to see what CSS rules are being applied to it.

You may be able to try some things to manually override it. As far as I know, inline styles should take precedence - see https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/Specificity

Something like wrapping the text itself in a span with

<span style="color: #e8adaa">text here</span>

may do the trick - it's clunky but might be needed to fight with the Project Management output!

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