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Sorry, but my posted code will contain some jsf tags..please forgive me if ne one doesn't familiar to JSF..but I am sure that my jsf code is working fine here...

  • I am implementing a multilevel tree like structure inside a . Actually i've implemented this with normal html with the help of , tags and "style" attributes of both, which has been working fine in firefox, but the same thing is not happening on IE/Safari.
  • To decide the parent and child nodes of tree and level of a particular node in tree, i am writing JSF-value conditions. Actually those conditions are meant to decide the indentation(font-weight/left-margin etc.) of a node.

<select id="cmbCatList" style="font-family:Verdana;font-size:12px;height:20px;width:150px;border:1px solid grey;">  
 <option id=<h:outputText value="#{catList.catPath}"/>  value=<h:outputText value="#{catList.catPath}"/>  style='<h:outputText value="#{(catList.hasAnyChild==true)?'font-weight:bold;':'font-weight:normal;'}"/>  <h:outputText value="margin-left:#{catList.nodeLevel*20}px;"/>' > <h:outputText value="#{catList.categoryName}" />  </option>   </select>

Guys what I am doing wrong here, I am not able to figure it out. Can i make it runnable on all browsers or i need to take some other approach ... if so please suggest some ways Thankx in advance

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Well, to start with you are

Well, to start with you are using inline styles, which is just silly. It makes your rules obscure and hard to follow and a lazy guy like me is not going to waste his time trying to decipher them.

Maybe you should just stop being lazy and start following our posting rules. They are there for a reason and if you insist on ignoring them you might find we will insist on ignoring you.

You are asking for free help here! Is it hard to understand that your interests, therefore, are to make answering as easy for the free helpers to help as possible?

Ed Seedhouse

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ganesh wrote: Sorry, but my

ganesh wrote:

Sorry, but my posted code will contain some jsf tags

Sorry, server-side code is no good to us. Please post the code as sent to the browser, i.e. view source, copy & paste.

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