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Being a business owner, you cannot take things for granted. You always have to put your best in forward to ensure that your service or product is satisfying the need of your customers. For their satisfaction, it is imperative to reach them out from every possible way and to make yourself accessible to them. That is why I have decided to use the digital medium now to reach my customers and make my services available for them 24/7.

I want to develop a website for my company so anyone from anywhere can get my services without any hassle. But as a businessman thinks, I have a habit of not building trust on people early that is why whatever the quotations I am getting from the web development company UK, I am not satisfied with it and want some serious help in that issue.

I would like to know the average market price of developing a brand website which purpose is only to get yourself registered on the internet. I don’t want to sell my product or service from that website neither I need any website with the e-commerce features. I need a simple website with six or seven pages of my company’s information and our service promotional content. For this simple work, the quotations that I am getting are not according to my expectations that is why I am writing this post and want to know what are the ways through which I can negotiate things with the website development companies. If anyone has recently developed his website, then do comment below and let me know the right price for my development job.