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I am currently working on customizing the Oxygen template created for self-hosted blogs. My blog is at and you can see what progress I have made thus far

What is holding me up right now is underneath the slider, the primary posts (called "recent articles") will show the archive thumbnail which is 470x140. Then the category is supposed to be in the upper right hand corner, and then when you hover over the image, "Read Article" shows up in the bottom right corner.

My issue is their alignment -- I can't seem to find in the CSS how to get them to align with the right-side edge of the image. Right now, they lay about 1/3rd on and 2/3rds off.

Any idea of what I should change in the CSS? I think it has to do with the .byline-cat and the .read-more portions of it, but from that point, I really have no idea what to touch.

Thanks in advance for your help, I really appreciate it

(PS -- I'm also wanting to change the word 'article' throughout this template (in the headers and links, etc., to 'posts' ... can I do that? And where?)