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I am using a template called Simple Responsive Template from http://www.prowebdesign.ro/simple-responsive-template/

I have a logo on the left and the menu on the right just like the template. Different then the template, I have a larger Logo with text (Company name and tagline) between the logo and menu.

My problem is that when ever I add the text the menu drops down below the texts. The Company name should be the same height as the menu by the tagline run beneath it.... The divs just don't want to overlap and the menu goes crazy.

Any ideas how I can get this to work would be great!

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Reduce space

Sounds like you have too much content for the space and that is why you are getting your wrapping issue, which is what a responsive site should do. Without seeing your code, I would recommend either adjusting the size of your containing divs for each of those sections or reduce the size of your content so that it fits within the design of the template.

Hope that helps.