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Hey there, I'm having some trouble getting my navigation to stay within the header(100% width) when the page is made smaller. I want it to move dynamically with the page, and remain about 30px away from the right hand side. I tried to set a min-width so when the page gets smaller than lets say 1000px, it locks in place and doesn't drop float down.

I played around with floating, positioning, etc. and can't seem to get it right, it always ends up beneath the logo when the window is small. It does what I want it to in my Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, fails in IE, and apparently in Chrome and Firefox on a friends pc as well. Unfortunately the client will only be using IE and Chrome.

The solution that made the most sense to me was to use absolute positioning for .menu which is a child of #header, which holds the 100% width attribute, but have had no luck. I'm clearly missing something.

If you have a minute to take a look at my code that would be awesome.

All images/links/text are placeholders. Don't be alarmed if something doesn't look quite right.

Thanks so much.