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please take a look at this under-construction site ( HOME )...& tell me what I need to do to the code, to pop it into a web editor (e.g. Dreamweaver) & have it work.

I've attempted to do this legitimately thru SITEY, whose template I used (& which I added my own graphics to) in order to create it...but they have yet to respond to 4 e-mails. I have my own domain w/ go-daddy; & offered to buy their code, but I get no response (???).

I copied the source code & opened it in Dreamweaver (2004), but a blank white page displays when I attempt to preview it in any browser. I am assuming by this that SITEY has some sort of prohibitive code in there to keep folks from copying their templates...& I really do want to pay them their rate for that code...but am a little frustrated at this point. My CD is coming out this fall & I want to have my site up & ready for it.



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Hi doxology, Try running it

Hi doxology,
Try running it through validators.
I haven't used Dreamweaver in many years, but you should be able to open the site locally in any browser and reloading manually when you make a change.