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I am more familiar with CSS than javascript. But I want to work with javascript more so I've decided to improve my skills by creating a multiple choice questionaire.

So first question: am I in the right forum? Do you guys discuss CSS and javascript working together? I think so but thought I would get this question sorted first.

So first project related question (and please see attached diagram which will explain more clearly what I'm trying to do).

My quizz consists of 6 different questions with 4 multiple choice answers. I have found a lot of different tutorials on how to set this part up - to add up the scores etc.

But what is not clear is how to handle the overall structure:- does each question have to exist on a separate html page or can I navigate to each question/page when I click on the next button. So the quiz will work on one single html page.

As you will see on the attached diagram, when you click on the next button the quiz transitions to the next question page. So in effect you will have a visible area and a not visible (off the stage) area.

I hope this is clear and please see attached image for clarity.


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