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I am trying to horizontally and vertically align to images and space them out. I can get it working in explorer but always have issues with chrome, firefox, safari, etc... is there any easy way that will work in all browsers? here is the page .. main images that show up in the middle.. and here is some of the code..

1. I was able to horizontaly center in chrome using css:

div.slideshow {
text-align: center;
div.slideshow table {
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;

2. I couldn't verticaly center in chrome using css, so by the end of second hour I switched to javascript. Script is only for Chrome so it is not run in other browsers. Basically Chrome didn't see all the space in the middle as space for td content, I had to calculate it and assign result to td.height.

I made changes to default.aspx, between


Also to

and on main.master I added "id" to content td and removed height (line 204).

any help would be great Puzzled