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Hello guys! I'm very new into this, I decided to develop my own website because i didn't have the money to pay for a programmer.
I've learnt everyday and t hasn't been so difficult as I thought, the hardest thing I've done is to regenerate my thumbnails to fix pixelation but I can't seem to fix some things that I consider so simple, so it's very frustrating!
I've search everywhere, writing to a forum is my last move.

This is my webpage:

And I need to do this:
You see my main menu? The text changes it's color to grey when hovering.
BUT it doesn't in the body of my home, my posts titles are links to the posts -of course- but when i hover my mouse they don't change it's color they stay black. And my page looks dead because of this. Sad

Can anyone help me with this? I don't know what else to do
Is it possible to make this using ONLY css? Since I don't want to mess up with codes