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I have been working with a mootools drop down menu. Ideally, I have worked it so that if someone has their javascript turned off in the browser that the menu will continue to work. However, after several hours of working this menu I was finally able to get it to work in FF, IE 7, IE8, Chrome, Safari, & Opera. So now I have a mootools menu that works in all browsers both in the javascript and non javascript version with the exception of IE6. When I delete the js file it quits working all together in IE6. The drop menu will not pull down at all. Before I both posting all the necessary code to try and get help with this, I would like to know people's opinions about whether I should even bother getting this non-javascript version to work in IE6. At this point, I don't even know if it's possible, but thought I would try if others think it would be important. Thanks in advance.