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1. So you thought that hyperlinks were always one colour. Well they don`t have to be any longer. Or even the same thickness....

2. Did you also think that hyperlinks were always straight as in underline or overline?
Again they don`t have to be. Think out of the box....

3. If the mouse sits too long on a hyperlink the hyperlink can disappear. You can make it so....

This is not exactly rocket science but I think what I have posted can really have an effect on how we will be presenting our sites.

Check this hyperlink.itlmaventus.nl

Miami Vice

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Giving you the benefit of the

Giving you the benefit of the doubt here and a chance to explain the post as I don't really understand what you are trying to get across, this is a help forum and posting in this fashion with a link off site to ... 'something' is a bit dubious. Please clarify and set me straight Smile

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