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Hello everyone, was hoping for any feedback on the following site we've just launched


Thanks in advance


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congratulations. Clean and smooth appearance, clearly sectioned, spacy, valid html. If I would want to argue I would about using headers for artist and song, instead of a definition list. A minor detail, just saw it now, is your inner footer on lower resolutions or descreasing window size. Other than that, congratulations

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1. Im happy it validates

1. Im happy it validates !!

2. may have to get rid of..

from your IE7 conditional statement.

3. something strange, but when im clicking through the little lyric box, sometimes a box will pop-up with text, then very quickly disappear. This appears above the lyric box at the top tight. may want to look at that.

4. research the term divitis. You dont need div containers for everything.

5. Im not sure "about us" needs to be inside a heading tag since its not really a heading at all, maybe a span tag.


<h2>The Smiths</h2>

You may have these mixed up

7. "Latest news" and "quick links" maybe should be the same heading tag.

8. The logo should be much larger

9. The background is cool, but the site may need less blue. The blue is overpowering.

10. The site doesnt really tell me what is supposed to do, or what services it offers me.

11. the artist and song title needs to stand out more, maybe larger. You dont want the two, less important, buttons on the right to look more important, or stand out more, then the important stuff.

12. have some friends do a usability test on the site. watch their eyes closely. track them around the page. When i opened the page, I saw the small logo first, then two large buttons. Is that how you want the user to scan your page?

13.You have different block or areas is information, all different and serve different purposes. try and separate these more. they look like they are running together some.

14. if this is a new site, you should be using STRICT DTD, not TRANSITIONAL.

thats enough for now, keep up the good work!!