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This is the old/current website - http://www.bobsboattrailers.com/

Here is the final design comp of the redesign - http://gambit.blob.core.windows.net/conceptfeedback/concepts/fullsize/4186226d-82c8-4677-a049-61806e0fe155.jpg

Please let me know what you think. I look forward to creative criticism.

Thank you in advance!

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What does the 'load rite

What does the 'load rite trailers' over the search form mean? To me it's confusing whether it's a search form or not. Also is the magnifying glass going to be the submit button, because if not, some people won't know how to submit the form.

I'd also be inclined to change the button that says 'google maps' to 'get directions' instead because it's an active sentence like the other two buttons and maybe change the heading to 'our location' or something similar.

Other than, all looks good. Smile

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