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Hi, I just wanted to introduce a new CSS/JS framework, inspired by Bootstrap called Lite UI. You can check it out on http://liteui.sycha.cz or https://github.com/lite-ui/liteui. It is not done yet (not responsive and incomplete JavaScript), but you can already check it out and even try to use it.

Also, I'd like to ask, if there's anyone who would like to help with development, just PM me, and we can start working Wink Unfortunately, It's an Open-Source project, so i won't be able to pay you, but if we ever receive some donations, or money from advertisements etc. you will get a part of the money.

Currently, I need help with JavaScript and making it responsive, as it's really time consuming task and I don't really have time to do that right now.

So, if you'd like to help, just post your email here or PM me and I'll give you access to the GitHub repo and tell you, what needs to be done.

Thanks Wink

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Hi jacobcz, Good luck with

Hi jacobcz,
Good luck with the Lite UI framework.

Looks pretty good so far.