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Hi all!

I'm finishing this website: but I have a big problem.
As you can see in the index I want a bottom border on my images used as links. So I wrote this

a:hover {
	border-bottom: #F0C 0.5em solid;
	text-align: center}

But only Firefox is showing the right size of the borders. Moreover, one of the links (about us) is not showing the bottom border, except when viewing it on Firefox. And the same happens here on the image saying "Richiedi informazioni" and in all the website with the logo on the left-top.
I'm really going crazy for this thing, I really can't understand what I have to do!!!

And, talking about different views on different browsers, I also have problems showing an embedded google map and an embedded video from vimeo in percentage here: and here . Firefox doesn't show them correctly while Chrome and Safari do. I really don't understand.

Any opinions?