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I am trying to create a site where the Home page differs from the internal pages with an image laying under the top portion of the page on Home and the content area resting just under the nav in the internal pages. The footer is also buggy...help??

Thanks in advance!!!
A CSS Noob... Puzzled

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Hi Noob

If you would, please, add some typical content to one of the interior pages.

You have syntax errors. Many result from the choice of the wrong DTD. HTML5 elements are not valid in an xhtml1 document. Change the doctype to <!DOCTYPE html>.

Apparently you are using Front Page, Expression Engine or Dreamweaver. I understand the warm and fuzzy feel they offer, but the code is/will be atrocious. Once things are fixed, you will need to alter the template.dwt files. I won't know how to help you there, nor do I care to learn. Wink

I would remove all position properties from the css, including any top, right, bottom, and left properties. Position is a very powerful property having limited usefulness. It does have gotchas with big teeth that are just looking for some developer to bite.

The clearfix hack you're using (developed by this site's owner, Tony Aslett), is not the best choice here and is being used improperly. See your .container_24.

Your footer issue is a position gotcha chowing down on you know who.

I see with my jaundiced eye a whole potload of jquery scripts. I seriously doubt that that many are needed. A good plan of action when developing a page/site is to leave off javascript until you have an otherwise functional page. At that point, you can add a few bells and whistles.

If a site cannot function without javascript, it is a failed site.

I'll look over what I have and get back to you.



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