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Hello there, I am trying to do a layout but its driving me nuts:

I want to have a page which is 1000px wide, height stretched to browser window if
its bigger than the content AND have a fixed margin of 20px top/bottom and
80px left/right, so that there always is a "border" of the background around the page container.

Additionally, inside the page container, there should be a fixed footer at the bottom.

And if that wasnt already enough, the content will be dynamic and change size on the fly by
showing/hiding divs when user interacts.


In the past I did use tables to do all design, but I want to switch over to full CSS, but I already encountered quite a few problems lol because it behaves totally different.

How would you guys code this layout?

I got it to the point where it will size itself correctly when the page is loaded, but once the content changes the format no longer is right.

I messed up my CSS code so I can't upload anything of help right now.

Could you maybe tell me how you would code this?

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