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I have a page with anywhere from 2 fieldsets up to 8 depends on the user. I want it to layout 2 across and 4 down or it might only be one row down. I want the 2 blocks on any given row to be vertically aligned and the same height (there is a border around the fieldset). If there is an odd number I want to fill up rows and then have the remaining one to be in the left column. The problem is, while I want the fieldsets in the same row to be the same height, I don't want 2 fieldsets with 2 lines of content to be the same height as one with 10 lines of content.

I have tried a lot of different options and can't figure out how to make this work. Any ideas would be appreciated greatly.

Thanks - Dave.

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it would be helpful if

it would be helpful if perhaps you could show an example of what you are working with.

These sorts of requirements for boxes that are all uniform yet supposedly going to contain variable dynamic content can be tricky to work out it's slightly contradictory in nature, you may well need to resort to scripting, either server side or client side to determine the content length and set heights or classes as appropriate to allow styling of varying content in boxes.

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