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I have some css (and javascript) that produces a drop-down menu for different languages. I want each menu option to have the corresponding flag next to it and to be properly aligned with 'CHOOSE LANGUAGE'.

I would love to get help with these two things.

1. To accurately align the drop down menu with the 'CHOOSE LANGUAGE'-square that works in both IE and Firefox so that it looks like the image displayed on the same page.

2. To make a class or id for all menu options so that they all have their corresponding flags in the way that can be seen on the image displayed on the same page (i.e. a different background for each menu option).

You can see the page here.


The JavaScript that cannot be directly seen on the coding of the page with the menu options looks like this (I cannot figure out how to name different classes or id's to these menu options):

var anylinkmenu1={divclass:'anylinkmenu', inlinestyle:'', linktarget:''}
["ENGLISH", "english.html"],
["FRANCAIS", "francais.html"],
["ESPANOL", "espanol.html"],
["DEUTSCH", "deutsch.html"]

I appreciate all the help I can get Smile

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The differences between IE &

The differences between IE & FF are because you don't have a doctype on your page.

And you really don't need to be using all that over-bloated javascript to do a simple dropdown menu. There's plenty of examples here where you can put your links in the HTML, attach classes or IDs to them to give them different images and do the dropdown mostly with CSS.

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