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I am not sure if I should have posted here, or on the social section, the code is implemented in a drupal site, I thought it could be of more general interest, so apologies if I thought wrong.

I have this code (got it from the web, sorry can't remember where), and works well, expands, and collapse clicking the links.

My problem is that the content is a calendar, and when I click to change the month it takes me to the page(view) thus collapsing the calendar in the section.
I don't mind the new page, though it's a duplicate of the calendar in the collapsable section, I would like to keep that open till I decide to collapse it.

Can this be done?
Any alternative solution?

Thank you

#cal-wrap { vertical-align: top; height:auto !important; margin-bottom: 19px; }
.calendar {display:none; }
.show {display: none; }
.hide:target + .show {display: inline; }
.hide:target {display: none; }
.hide:target ~ .calendar {display:inline; }