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www.totalrecallsolutions.com/corporateI have an issue, that I really need help with:
The url to my site is [www.totalrecallsolutions.com/corporate
I was having an issue with the text on the homepage (ndex.html) not shpwing up. I then downloaded a new, updated cufon-yui.js, to replace the one I had on my site. This fixed the problem, and the text that was acting "invisble" re-appeared. However, until then, the text was in Bebas font, and now, the Bebas font doesn't show up. Cufon-replace.js is the javascript that commands certain elements in my site to be in Bebas. It seems that now this js is being ignored by IE9, and the text is not showing in Bebas. You can see on firefox the way the site is supposed to look- cufon-replace.js is working there, but for some reason, in Ie9 it is not.

Any suggestions??
Thanks a lot!

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If I may make a suggestion,

If I may make a suggestion, think of dumping codon and head over to fontsquirrel.com for a better plan.