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Puzzled Moving Tab & Sliding Content is the Jquery script being used I have already created .ridelist to act as the div layout seen here: Full Ride Listing it's set to 968px and I am wanting to do the same with this Jquery script but here is the issue:

According to its tutorial if I change the width of #moving_tab & I'm to do the same with the width value in .item, .lava, .panel, ul. which I have but the sliding Panel loses alignment and drops everything that should appear under Recent Posts into the 1st slider window which is Popular posts.

The overall goal is to get it to function like this sites: Full Ride Listing

The width for the code is set to 968px which is my main content and the rest of the pages size but even with this width everything that is suppose to go under the 1st tab "Popular Posts" carries over and shows half of itself on slide tab 2.

Also when it is at 968px both Panel 01 Item 1 and Panel 02 Item 1 columns appear side by side and I have tried inserting margin and teetering with the pre existing settings to try and push it over but it fails, I've included an attachment of where I am so far, the image will not come up but that is because it isn't included but any image of your own would work fine just set width to 145 and height to 115..I really would appreciate some help with this!

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Sounds like the calculations

Sounds like the calculations of width aren't adding up.
Can you post the correct link, I think I deleted it with the duplicate post.