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I have a question that may be a bit too off-topic, but I'll ask it anyway, in case anyone has the answer.

I am trying to make some extra calendar highlighting on the jQuery datepicker, but I think in order to make those highlighted items display, those classes need to be updated in the js file.

If I have this class as the default highlight of a day:

and I want to create a second and third class for highlighting different elements, is this correct?
.ui-state-highlight .appointment {style attributes here}
.ui-state-highlight .cancelappt {style attributes here}

Or is this off-base? I dont need to know how to create the styles for the new elements, as I know how to do that, just whether or not this is the correct to create new highlighted styles to be used on the calendar.

And regarding the javascript, that will be handled by the javascript expert. They just need the styles.

Any ideas if this is right?

Thanks Smile

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Yeah, basically

To change the appearance of any of the dates you'll need to somehow attach classes other than the ones used by jQuery UI.

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