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If your in a managerial role for a company with many sites. And a frequent and birdensome question is "what is the username and password to access this FTP?" and your capable of consolidating all of that information at a centralized point. Not anything like credit card info. But just usernames and passwords to access sites. What do you consider a responsible and safe way to handle that information if your looking to be able to provide it to an office full of people and as a place for new people coming in to retrieve it so you dont waste a great deal of time re-answering the same question?

Is it possible to build a core place accessible online with that information without it becoming a security risk? What precautions would you take?

Thanks for your time?!

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I am currently working a full

I am currently working a full time contract for a company that had the same issue.
I built a quick system that is only available on the intranet that allows them to search for the client... probably other solutions, but if it only needs to be accessed within the building that would probably be the quickest, cheapest and potentially most secure method.

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