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hey guys i have been handed over this website for optimization and basically i really need to optimize the image sizes of most of the images on the site. now there are certain cases where i have to reduce the dimensions of the image , to reduce the file size , so i was wondering if there was a way where in i can find the number of times a given image is used on the whole site , is there a way to do that or is there any tool to do that , i am just posting this in the hope that somebody here might have come across such a situation .

of course the other way around is for me to go around manually on each page and see if the particular image appears on the page .

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You should be able to search

You should be able to search either the files or database to see where the images are used.
You haven't told us anything about the site, is it based on a CMS or static files?
Most IDE's or even your operating systems will have files search capability.
For background images it may be more complicated.