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Hi, I'm creating a graphical tool (CUTCSS) to easily create CSS and HTML, with support for PSD, PNG, JPG. I know that there is already many tools that try to do it but fail miserably, I been doing CSS for many many years and I will aproach the problem a bit different, based on divisions rather than blocks, and establishing concepts instead of custom CSS/HTML, concepts such as columns and grids.

Is not a tool to fix your current CSS or HTML but when you need to start a new one from scratch, you may assume this is a bad thing but is actually a pretty good thing, because this (plus other features) will allow the tool to create responsive websites right out the box and deep integration with template engines (angularjs, ember, symphony framework, wordpress, etc)

So, I'm posting this here because I need to know if there is a big enough amount people interested in this kind of tool, I'll give 6 free months to everyone who registers before launching (ETA: June). I'm also interested to hear feedback about the overall goal and concept of the tool.