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I've validated this site and it works fine in Firefox and IE5, 6 & 8 but IE7 doesn't display the menu at the top of the page. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. The site is staged here: ConsurvTechnologies


- John

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Quick Fix? Take the

Quick Fix?
Take the height:94px declaration off your .navigation div.

Longer Comment?
You seem to have gone "float happy" in the area of your CSS dealing with the .navigation code. Here's some views that may help:

You do not appear to need to float: left your .logo.
You do not appear to need to float:right your .menu.
Rather than add float:left to your .menu ul, remove it and replace it with overflow: auto instead.
You have float: left entered twice on your .menu li - you only need it once of course.
Remove the float:left from your .menu li a and replace it with a display:block.

Making all those changes will alter some vertical positioning but that's because you have added a mix and mash of margins and paddings to make all those floats give you the result you want.

Hope that helps

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