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Hi everybody,

got a little problem here with IE7, sidebar floats off the page Smile
Meaning the red banner in our case.
it's wordpress with a bought theme (with apparently non existent support)

What should i change in css ?

juukse ravi


And another question:

I would like to use text-align:justify foe all the pages and posts, where should i add it ?

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No idea what the people who created that theme were thinking

But it's way more complicated than it needs to be.

If it was me, I'd take your current markup:

<div class="module-content">
	<div id="article-wrapper">
		<article id="article">
	<aside id="sidebar" class="sidebar">

and remove #article-wrapper. Then float #article left and give it a width and float #sidebar right and also give it a width. Then make .module-content overflow:hidden to contain the floats.

And I wouldn't bother with justifying your text because it looks like crap on web pages due to poor hyphenation support.

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