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Hey everyone...

So I have this page looking good in Safari, FF on both Mac and PC and IE8 on PC. IE 7 however...

I am using CSS Sprite for the navigation using a UL for the code. I am also using a JQuery plug-in for the drop down. This is working in all the other browsers I have tested in but IE7 is not hiding the drop down and it is stair-stepping the navigation. THis is my first pass at a drop down so i am sure I screwing something up here.

I have set up an IE7 only style sheet to trouble shoot just the navigation and nothing has worked. I will post links to all the code so the post isnt too long

I have validated the page.


Full CSS

IE Only CSS (I using it for trouble shooting. Might not be needed...

Any help, hint nudge anything would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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