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I am having trouble changing the width of a HTML text box widget that I have on the homepage of a WordPress site. The box in question is the one that is titled "Welcome to Penistone FM" here.

The CSS that I have changed is as follows, the width change works in Firefox, but not in any versions of Internet Explorer. Annoyingly, the "Welcome to Penistone FM" shows on two lines in Internet Explorer too, but is all on one line in Firefox (I want it to be all on one line).

	margin:0 0 0 10px;
	padding:22px 0 0;

I am using the Firebug plugin for Firefox to confirm that I am dealing with the right part of my CSS code.

Any ideas what I can do to sort this?

I have recently taken over looking after the site so it was not designed by me. Some of the coding is a bit sloppy to say the least and I am hoping to sort it!

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First thing then you are

First thing then you are going to need to learn is how to validate the code, you need to correct the malformed markup before doing anything else the 'div' tags do not match up you have one -or more - too many closing tags - this alone may correct issues.

I would also dump the Trans DTD - it shouldn't be used - and switch to a safer and full Standards switching one <!DOCTYPE HTML>

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