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Running a coupon site now is very hard this is due to a few factors. There are thousands of coupon sites around now so getting known is going to need good marketing. Updating the site is a very hard job as if you are going to add them manually then it is a daily job that can take an hour or so.

Here are some things that will help people interested in running a coupon site.

So firstly we need to choose what we are going to run our site on. There are many CMS's out there at the moment so making sure you get one that fits your needs and is SEO friendly is important. I use wordpress but only because that is my preffered platform.

Some CMS's.
WordPress › Blog Tool and Publishing Platform | Community plumbing

You can get demos and other CMS reviews here PHP CMS Demos - opensourceCMS

Getting the coupons.
All networks have some sort of database or email you the coupons when they are available. Also contact the merchants themselves to see if you can get any exclusive coupons for your site.

Sites that will help you run your site and keep all coupons up to date.
For Me To Coupon - Automated Coupon Affiliate Feed
GoldenCAN, Affiliate Data Feed, Coupon & Search Integration Solution
Fourth World - Web Publishing Software and Custom Software Development
OWS Software - Monetize Blogs, Forums, Web Sites via User Generated Content

Ensure you know what you are getting into if for talking sake you are going to run a coupon site that also allows users to post coupons make sure these are not coupons that are exclusive to other sites this can get you banned from the merchant.

And once again be prepared to work hard, but the benefits if you hit it right are excellent.

Apart from all above recently i have just gone through coupon script. I can surly say its compete retailmenot. Its give you automation in the entire above scenario. Some one must try it. You can see its live demo here:

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