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I am completely new to CSS so please everyone be patient with me...i'll be up to speed in no time. Now for my question...
I am trying to create a CSS function(if am refering to it the right way)that I can call from a XUL the function, i want to be able to create mouse over functionality, and set up other properties as well. can anyone please educate me on how to get this done?
Currently, everything is done in XUL...for instance
<em><image id="gate_spacerleft" src="chrome://gatebrowser/content/images/toolbar/spacer_left.jpg" style="height:100px;top:0; left:0; " /></em>
this i converted to this function in css (not sure if i did this right)

<em>#gate_spacerleft {

Now feel free to correct the code above as i know I am probably doing it wrong. But here is the one that I can't even wrap my head around:
<em><image id="gate_backoff" src="chrome://gatetbrowser/content/images/toolbar/back_off.jpg" validate="" onmouseover="SwapImageOverConditional(this, gateBrowser.InPrintPreview, 'toolbar/back_disabled.jpg', 'toolbar/back_on.jpg')" onmouseout="SwapImageOverConditional(this, gateBrowser.InPrintPreview, 'toolbar/back_disabled.jpg', 'toolbar/back_off.jpg')" onclick="if(!gateBrowser.InPrintPreview) { gateBrowser.GoBack();}" style="height:100px;" /></em>

How can i get to convert this to css and keep the mouseover and other properties??? Please help!