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Hello everyone!

I'll try my best to explain what I mean. I hope this makes sense:

I have had som trouble getting my site layout to work.

I've used absolute positioning with a 50% value for top and left alignment, and then used a negative margins to center the whole site.

The problem is that in a small window the content doesn't stop at the top and left corner, but instead it proceeds out of the frame...

Is there any way too solve this?


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That is a work-around for IE

That is a work-around for IE 6/7, and no, there is no fix. The combination of positioning offsets and negative margins means that if the viewport becomes smaller than the centered element, 0ne-half of the overflow will be lost to the left and/or the top, with no scrolling available. For modern browsers, and for IE v.8+, set the lateral margin to auto, and using the display value of table or table-cell, set vertical-align to middle to center vertically.



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