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I thought it was gonna be easy to 1.) integrate a blog in our own website's subdomain and then 2.) give it our own website's layout/template/style.

After a lot of trial and error, I got 1.) done, the blog is integrated on our subdomain blog.thearaproject.org

Now I want to give it the same look as the rest of the website www.thearaproject.org (I am in the middle of redoing it, it is kinda ugly & outdated right now but that is besides the point).

I can not find a website that just gives me the PURE code for running the blog (without styles) so I can just add my own style to the pure blogger code.

Anybody can help me on my way with this or is it really that hard and I just have to either dissect the current Blogger template or give up and make one with the Blogger designer thingy, that will look "more or less" like our website?

Please help somebody I am lost! Smile Puzzled

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Not the answer you were

Not the answer you were seeking but I don't get why you want to integrate blogger into your website, Wordress is a far superior blogging app and it would run your whole site with the blog aspect, posts/comments etc running from a tab with static pages making up your other primary site pages. Styling up WP to match to your site theme is relatively straightforward.

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