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hi i would like some opinions on the site's look and code structure. for now this is just the main page so that if there are any changes ill apply them before making other pages.


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Good looking site though that's a lot of space above the banner - perhaps half that? You might also want to address the 21 errors before you go much further Wink

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I'm too lazy to open IE to

I'm too lazy to open IE to check but usually when using:

#navigation li {
	/*float: left;*/
	display: -moz-inline-box; /* Firefox 2 and under */
	display: inline-block; /* FF3, Opera, Safari */
	line-height: 41px;
	height: 41px;

you need to add display: inline too for IE.

Also, shouldn't it be À la carte rather than A' la Carte?

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