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Dear Anyone.

F'starters, I've jumped in at the deep end without realising it here. Offered to make a site in Google Sites for a lady. Discovered Google Sites isn't the most user friendly of designers. Never done a website or CSS or anything before in my life, but have done programming, so thought I could learn as I went along. And was doing OK till I hit this problem which has GOT to have a simple answer!!

Discovered you can't create a table directly IN Google Sites. So I created one in Google Docs, used Inspect Page to bring up all the HTML, copied the lot into the URL/CODE box in the site designer part of Google Sites and up came the table. Wonderful! Until I wanted to put a picture (JPEG) directly underneath it.

In the Creation view it sits perfectly in place, about 2 inches underneath the table. When you click on the little PREVIEW button that lets you see what the published version would look like, there's about a foot - I'm not joking - of white space between the bottom of the embedded table and the picture. And I can't get rid of that white space no way no how no siree! If I put the picture ABOVE the embedded table, it sits perfectly in place. It's only when it's UNDERNEATH the embedded table it has this mysterious massive white gap, in published view.

Now I've done programming so I know what code words are and how to differentiate between them and the for-real words in the table - but I've not done CSS programming. I've tried looking for something along the lines of 'margin-bottom' to see if there was a massive number there I could reduce to reduce the gap between the bottom of the table and the picture, but couldn't see anything that obvious (would've been too easy, that!)

Please, how do I get rid of the massive white space between the bottom of the embedded table and the picture? Remember, in Creation view there's no sign of any extra space. The picture's sitting perfectly in the right place. It's only when you hit reality - Preview - the massive white space appears.

I'm discovering Google Sites isn't the world's best site creator - but it's where her domain is so I'm guessing we're stuck with it. This is my first ever website, I've learned LOADS, this is the first thing that's defeated me. You'd think it would be easy to do a table with a picture just underneath it, no? Picture on top works fine, what's up with picture underneath?

Use simplicity and detail in your answers, please - if I'm having to change margin settings, I've found 4 mentions of margins in the code but none of them say 'margin-bottom' and I've tried changing the numbers for all of them, gotten weird results but the bottom gap's never changed.

Yours hopefully


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Hi Chris, apologies for the

Hi Chris, apologies for the delay coming back to you - there's not that many active members checking the forums as of late!

Do you have somewhere online we can see this code, or can you post the HTML and CSS in this topic?

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