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I am working on a web app, this is my first one. I am trying to understand how these things work but am having trouble figuring out how they work together. Neither can I find any good pages / tutorials. For example, this page says:

Relative Positioning

A relative positioned element is positioned relative to its normal position:

Gee, thats very helpful. What I am trying to do is make a page with a header, sidebar, content area and footer. I am also simulating a multi-column combobox. I have a fiddle here.

In the CSS I have the same height for both the content and sidebar yet they look different. Clicking the button in the header also does strange things. Does anyone know of a tutorial that can explain how these things work? I keep changing things but it is not working.


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CSS height work

hi, the all divs are separate create in row and used float:left; function height are not mention it height:auto to create width mentioned in % its working in this appln.