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I don't want my navigation menu to follow visitors as they scroll on my site, but I like some of the themes that come preset for it to follow as you scroll. What in my CSS script would I need to delete in order to keep it from following me around? Or if I wanted to start my navigation menu from scratch, what section would I need to delete?

I have slight understanding of CSS, so if I have to do some editing, I should be able to handle it. On Weebly, all of the content is in the middle of the screen, and you have big, empty white spaces on the left and right, and I want to stretch the navigation menu and all of the content to fill that space.

My other question would be that I want to change the width of the content on my site. I want to stretch the navigation menu, the header, the footer, and the actual content, like the text, to stretch farther than any of the preset themes. Where in my CSS would I find the script to edit the width?

I am currently using the theme "CENTO". Thank you for your time.