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The website is scholarships-for-women.org On the Right Sidebar you see two widgets. I want to change the color of links of Tags and Categories(currently blue) , as well as the Title of these widgets(which is currently black)

Note: I tried firebugs, but no luck.

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WP provides a comprehensive

WP provides a comprehensive set of classes for all objects, for posts look at the main parent wrapper for the loop and you'll see what designations have been added i.e 'post-123' '.post', 'tag-*' etc.

The sidebars and widgets added to them usually have a parent wrapper with a class of 'widget' so you should be able to target '.widget .whatever-class a:link () or '.widget .widget-title {color: ;}'

so it's a case of looking at your source view checking what classes are pertinent and then styling with enough specificity / weight that your ruleset overrides any styles already set.

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