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Hi All

First post - so be gentle.

My CSS is pretty limited and I'm stuck with a current problem - I've already followed a few tutorials from Google and spoke to the creators of the theme (who wanted money to do the alterations themselves):

I'm converting a vertical dropdown menu on a WordPress site to a horizontal submenu, but I can't get the submenu to sit in the right place:

The horizontal submenu can be seen at - http://www.test.thebreaker.co.uk/
The original vertical submenu can be seen at - http://www.thebreaker.co.uk/

I would like it so all the submenu always sit where the 'News' one does - flush with the left hand side of the parent menu.

Any ideas on how to do this? Not even sure if the original code I have put in is heading in the right direction?

thanks in advance


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Hi Rob, Your pretty close

Hi Rob,
Your pretty close just a couple of minor changes to fix it.
Remove position relative for the LI around line 144 of style_main.css
Remove float:left from the UL (.sub-menu) on line 82 of the page head.
Add left:0; to .sub-menu