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I am just learning CSS and in process of creating my first style. Any guidance would be appreciated.
I am trying to figure out the following items. Thanks

-center drop down arrows vertically and move slightly closer to circles
-center drag icon vertically and align to fit on screen
-make left panel and margins fixed no matter what size screen is. margins currently shift (fix @media limitations)
-add thin line separating left menu from main panel and get rid of scroll bar
? is it possible to add search field from top bar section to top of left menu?

-center drop down arrows vertically
-center drag icon vertically
-Fix error when editing a task line margins are off and text overlaps
-set text to align to left and when size of web page narrowed that the text on the right side just gets truncated without wrapping (fix @media limitations)
? is there a way to say if line has : in body to make it bold?