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Hi Everyone,

I have some familiarity with HTML and CSS coding but I'm not sure how this works with elements.

I have a WordPress site with an animated table, the text in the table isn't legible as its not dark enough. http://acap.freesite.host/about-naviknowledge/

In the design platform I am given the option to add an element name so I can add custom CSS. I have named the element barchart.

I have then gone to add the CSS to the custom CSS section with an aim to set the body text of the Barchart to #4d4d4d.

I'm not sure how I type the CSS Code to refer to the element and set the font color to :4d4d4d.

If you could please advise of how I may do this, your help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

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Hi Charlie, Sorry about the

Hi Charlie,
Sorry about the slow response.
Currently you have the pretty specific selectors like below, so just add a more specific selector to override, or use !important:

.vc_progress_bar .vc_general.vc_single_bar.vc_progress-bar-color-bar_orange .vc_label{
color: #4d4d4d;