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Okay, so I have been searching for clear instructions on how to make a table on tumblr that includes Ask, Home, and Contact buttons, but I have failed to find any. I have a theme already, but it doesn't have any buttons for some reason. If someone could tell me how to make one, direct me to a place with codes, or just make one for me, that'd be awesome.

this is my theme: http://www.tumblr.com/theme/5599

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Is there a CSS question in

Is there a CSS question in there?

Ed Seedhouse
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We are not a "tumbir" forum

We are not a "tumbir" forum here, and in fact I don't even know what "tumbir" is.

The fact that you seem to think menus should go into tables is very troubling. On the web menus consist of lists of links, and thus their proper markup is as a list, usually using the "UL" tag.

The page you linked to might be purposely designed as an example of bad web design and bad coding practices. Whoever these "tumbir" people are I'd stay well away from them, myself. If you need help with that page you need to find a tumbir forum - we are not one.

Ed Seedhouse

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Why don't you have a look

Why don't you have a look through the theme directory, find one that has buttons similar to what you're looking for, then incorporate them into the other theme you've chosen?

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